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Originally Posted by shurshot View Post
"This has to be the biggest and most often repeated myth on gun forums."(Sanch), in response to; ("Some people found the 10mm too powerful to handle. S&W engineers came out with the 40 S&W as a compromise. Bigger than a nine, less power than a ten. It swept among law enforcement over existing calibres".)

?? Your opinion, or fact Sanch?

4V50 Gary, is correct.
FBI and other LEO agencies have this procedure they call "Yearly qualifications", and when an equal opportunity abiding State or Federal agency has officers with small hands... who cannot handle the recoil of a certain caliber / weapon, be it the 10mm, .40 S&W, .357 Magnum, etc., they adopt a smaller caliber. Most agency's currently issue 9mm's and have seen improved qualification scores. That's not opinion or internet myth, but fact.
When you only shoot once per year to qualify, yeah, your not going to be used to stout recoil, its gonna be hard to qualify.... some even fail to qualify using 9mm under these circumstances.... I have personally witnessed it. Last in-service we were given 4 opportunities to qualify, and had to pass at least 2 of them. Of the 10 or so Deputies at the range, at least 3 that I know of failed to qualify, I think It was 4, but I cant say for sure. That is with G17s, at a max of 15yds....
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.

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