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Originally Posted by Sanch
4V50 Gary,

Some people found the 10mm too powerful to handle. S&W engineers came out with the 40 S&W as a compromise. Bigger than a nine, less power than a ten. It swept among law enforcement over existing calibres.
This has to be the biggest and most often repeated myth on gun forums.

I will guarantee you that the .40 S&W was not a compromise round.

For law enforcement use, the 10MM produced diminishing returns. Its added velocity did absolutely nothing to increase law enforcement efficacy.

The .40 S&W is going nowhere. The 10MM is losing market share.

I'd much rather have a 1911-A1 with 230 grain Fed HST LE .45 ACP +P ammo than any 10MM for any application to include mean critter defense to include griz.

The 10MM requiem was officiated by Colonel Jeff Cooper. He was the father of factory production 10MM handguns. Within a few years, he returned to a 1911-A1 .45 ACP.
Paul Evancoe's article, and many others, supports 4V50 Gary's assertion...

Alan0354, my opinion pretty much lines up with TruthTeller's, with the exception of the Glocks. I don't disagree with that opinion. I just don't have enough experience with Glocks to honestly give you an assessment.
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