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Originally Posted by Shadow9mm
As for 10mm. I think it is a very cool cartridge and I really need to find a way to shoot one. I am anticipating recoil in the 357-44mag range. There are several problems I see with 10mm. Most factory loads (underwood not included) are watered down because recoil can be stout. The ammo is generally more expensive than 40 and on par with 45 from what I have seen. and lastly the frame is wider. I have large hands so its would not be a huge issue for me, but it is a larger frame size.
Recoil in 10mm isn't bad at all, frankly to me it feels about the same as the .40, maybe a little less at times because the guns are usually larger which tames it a bit. Maybe similar to a 357 but less than a 44 for sure.
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