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If I was stuck with a 10 round limit, 10mm options designed for 10 rounds or less (Don't know about CA availability)
Glock 29SF or a 1911 (Colt, Kimber, Ruger all offer 10mm)
Glock 29 or 1911 is easily concealed under a loose fit shirt.
Not only that, but the 10mm Glock platform allows you to use of an aftermarket "drop-in" barrel in .40S&W to shoot that round, ... and if desired, barrels are also available in .357Sig and 9x25 Dillon.

So that's ONE gun (e.g., G29, G20, or G40) that's capable of shooting FOUR different cartridges. Nothing else is needed except the spare barrels.

As far as I know, CA hasn't yet banned () the use of aftermarket barrels to do caliber swaps on particular gun-platforms, like a Glock, or an AR (that you already own) where you can swap in different uppers, like going from 5.56 ----> to 300BLK.

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