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At the past few Steel Challenge Matches I've gone to the competitors using centerfires have all complained about getting primers and powder. Some stating they only had a month of two of components left and where they may be able to scrounge some. A few have switched to their .22s to conserve their ammo for bigger matches.

I lucked out (in a way) a few months ago. I had to sell all my guns because I was moving into assisted living quarters and they don't allow guns on the property. Low and behold I didn't get to move so I'm back in my house after selling all my guns. So, I started picking up .22s and lots of ammo.

I don't want to have the same problems of trying to find components for a centerfire.

I now shoot about as much as in the past but it's all .22s. What I didn't get on-line I've found at Walmart. I'm now stocked up with just over 40K rounds.
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