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If you want to hit 3,000 fps with the 300s, you're going to have to seat the bullet beyond magazine length, and probably switch to RL33 powder. I am seating bullets almost a full 1/4" beyond mag length and not even pushing yet, as I am still fire forming brass to the AI chamber.

I'm currently loading 95 grains of RL33 and getting about 2,750 from the 31" barrel. In fire formed cases, I should have about 10 grains of additional powder capacity, so will be able to load in the neighborhood of 105 grains of powder. Pretty sure I will hit 3,000 without too much effort.
I thought about that--savage is actually pretty generous with their mag length but I'm sure there's room to spare in the freebore to get near the lands even all the way out to their mag length. I'll have to take a look at the "pressure curve" for RL33. The Lapua case is apparently strong enough that you can stray into the "wild side" before getting any pressure warnings from the case.
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