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I almost had a good one today. While the wife was out playing in her flower gardens. I quickly decided to take a mid-morning nap. (lots of company yesterday) I guess I was dreaming I was climbing up the latter to my stand. Got near the door and looked off to the right side. BIG BUCK standing there watching me. Not more than 50 feet away in the open. I mean he had more tines than I have coats to hang on them. One of those once in a lifetime giants. So I slowly turned and got my feet resituated as best I could on that latter. Brought that old 45 Hawken's stock up slowly into my upper arm lifted its barrel up enough to just barely aim down those iron sights. And I heard the wife ask__ "where's your truck keys Hon. I need to move it. Oh I'm sorry did I wake you." {Oh for the want of a lock on that bedroom door.}_

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