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Haha, I never really know how things are really going to go when I go to the gunstore to drop down my money.

I went to a local gunstore specifically to buy the CM9, but of course, I still checked out a couple other things in the display. The Beretta Nano didn't really do it for me and still confirmed my choice, the Ruger LC9 didn't appeal to me, but the SIG 290 really was nice. It was significantly more money (about $180 more), but while both felt good in my hand, the SIG felt better. The deciding factor was that the SIG already had night sights installed so by the time I bought and installed night sights in the Kahr the price difference would be well under $100. Unfortunately, being MD, it will be a week before I can pick it up due to the darned waiting period. I can't wait to get it to the range to test out, and hopefully it will be my carry gun for my next trip to PA or VA (probably within the next 2 weeks).
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