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New to Shotguns, Before I Buy My First

I will likely be buying my first shotgun in the coming weeks. I will likely buy a 12g pump with a 20" barrel and full length tube magazine. I have not decided on what brand of shotty I will buy yet. But, it would be used for home defense and target plinking fun, if you can consider shooting a 12g plinking

I have done enough research to know that rifled slugs can be shot through a improved cylinder bore. However, here are a few questions...

1. In IC shotguns, that do not use different chokes, does the bore gradually decrease in size, or does it only decrease toward the end of the barrel?

2. Does it make a difference whether the change in bore is gradual or only toward the end of the barrel?

3. If I decide to buy a shotgun that has a full bore, and uses replaceable chokes, can I still shoot slugs through a IC choke?

Maybe I am just over thinking this, but I am a newbie and I would rather be informed than remain in the dark.
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