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"I suspect that he's not your typical 67 y/o duffer."

I hope this isn't too much off the subject, but this concept is a sore spot with me.

I'm 57 years old. I'm retired from my 'adult' job and now run my own business. I still ride Harleys, as I have for over four decades. I'm an old club member. This morning I broke a personal best at the gym doing a bench press.

Having said that, I have strong opinions about bikes, knives guns and politics. People claim they always want to hear the truth--that is, until you actually offer an opinion. And I've heard this many times...

"Don't preach to me. I don't want to be lectured!"

Well, folks, in keeping with this topic, I remember the first AR style rifles. They are not the same rifle you know today, and frankly, I surprised the rifle is still around.

While I have never been a soldier, I remember when the rifle first came out. It was the outgrowth of a test project using alloy barrels for the .308 catridge. While that project had failed, designers thought a lighter cartridge might work. There had been interest in the .222 Magnum varmint cartridge.

However, the rifle they were designing was not for general use--but as an emergency rifle for pilots should they need to ditch. The varmint catridges of the day used 'rod' or 'stick' powder to maximize FPS in turnbolt rifles. They gummed up automatic rifles.

The rifle design killed soldiers, brought about receiver changes, necessitated cartridge loading with 'ball' powder and even started rumors that parts were made from the Mattel Toy Company.

But I say this, the first black rifle is a far cry from the heavy barreled varmint flat-top rifle I own today for prairie dogs.

The issue becomes do you really want to know how things evolved, or do you simply want to cruxify the old guy who remembers? Do you wish to stifle a legitimate debate on news you don't want to hear by shifting the debate to a personal attack?

I don't know this man you're referring to. I do know the type of man who still out-performs younger guys, speaks as he sees events and doesn't really much care how the populace remembers him. It appears modern forums have to vilify holders of opposing viewpoints.

I had one idiot in a forum call me a poser because he thought old motorcycle club members could not possibly grow up to be credit managers in finance. Since I did not fit the mold, then obviously he was right.

In Wisconsin many people hunt deer with an AR. I know several smaller women who hunt deer by borrowing the 22-250 rifle their husbands use for South Dakota varmint hunts. I've owned five Stoner designed rifles.

But I won't hunt deer with an AR. I don't feel it's the proper rifle for me. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else who has another rifle at their disposal.

I feel an AR was designed for other things. You are, however, invited to join me at the gym and I promise I won't let heavy weights fall on you.
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