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You must have a mighty big house if you're worried about 75 yd. shots. This subject has been hashed over and over with the same results. Some folks prefer the heavy stuff like 00buck and slugs, some folks think birdshot is plenty. I'm one to prefer birdshot, more pellets make a nastier hole. I would think that an errant shot with a slug would travel right through a wall, I hope the kid ain't sleeping on the other side. Here's another question for you sluggers. Say a gut shot not hitting the spine, will it exit the perp? Or will he take it to the hospital/morgue with him? If it does exit, does it still have enough energy left to go through that wall? Now I haven't tested this out cause my wife wouldn't be too happy about it, but I don't think a birdshot load will penatrate 2 pieces of sheetrock. And I'm real sure he'd take all of them to the hospital/morgue with him. As far as needing long range shots at get away cars, I think once Mr. Perp has left the building he is no longer fair game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when the cavalry gets there aren't all deceased/deceasing perps supposed to be inside? Be hard to explain the one down the block in the car that's in Mrs. Jones' daisy patch with a slug in the back of his head.

bullet placement is gun control
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