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While I don't like the grip angle of the Glock, I recently came across the G20 Short Frame version. And that fit me so nicely that it came home with me.

But as said above, new shooters will not be ruined by older designs before they show up for initial weapons training, so the grip shape is not that important.

However, there is one aspect of the Glock that is important. Consider that military forces tend to emphasize cleaning guns, and doing it often.

And the first steps in field stripping the Glock are (1) make sure it is unloaded, close the slide and (2) pull the trigger.

As you can see, a screw-up on Step (1) may result in a very loud Step (2). I see that as a fault in the design. The Springfield XDm does not require the trigger to be pulled. The S&W M&P does not. But the Glock does.

Yeah, people will tell me that is a training issue and hence not a problem. But I think there are better designs, for that single reason of partially setting the stage for unintended shots to be fired.

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