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Not sure I understand how this offers a general commentary on the UK to be honest. A comment on a British tv guy who is a tosser, yes.

Seems a sensible choice to me. Those UK forces that carry pistols don't tend to practice with them much, traditionally; the simpler the better since the reason the Glocks have been bought is to give troops in Afghanistan an always accessible defence against green on blue attacks. Doesn't help that doctrine with the BHP appears to involve a holster with a flap and an empty chamber.

A bunch of sigs were bought, but they were never intended for general issue or to replace the knackered old BHPs. They were given to infantry units on the line as an UOR, or urgent operational requirement - basically fast tracked MoD procurement, not just the SAS, who I believe we're using sigs already. I imagine some BHPs will remain as I think only 25,000 Glocks were bought, or maybe not, we are not quite Russia with their caches of ancient weapons.
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