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I practice out to 75yards and typically thats what I am expecting but being a die hard bowhunter, distance is only a state of mind. I figured if I can shoot at 75yards, why not 175yards?? I have seen Hickock45 shoot farther with his and ring the gong every time.

Hickock45 practices at those ranges all the time. You have claimed to only practice up to 75 yards. When he pulls a shot, he does not end up with a wounded animal. Since you are a "die hard" bowhunter and range is only a state of mind, I assume you practice out to 50 yards. Would you take a shot @ 150 without ever practicing? Sorry, but there was no skill involved here since you claim you have never practiced at this range. You got lucky. Part of being a good hunter is knowing your limitations. Your limitations are determined by what you practice and the skill you obtain from that practice. You did neither. If your practice was limited to 75 yards, that or a distance close to that should have been your limitations. Knowingly shooting 100 yards past your maximum practice distance at a animal with a handgun like a .44 mag revolver is not something most handgunners would brag about. Enjoy the venison, but don't break your arm pattin' yourself on the back.
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