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Originally Posted by jimisbell
I think everyone is missing the point. I wear gloves when ever I handle guns to keem MY body oils off the gun... not to protect me from the solovents!
I don't think anyone is missing the point. The recommendation to wear gloves is to prevent the chemicals from entering your skin. The fact that gloves also protect the firearms against your bodily products is a secondary benefit.

I started wearing gloves after the VA hospital told me my blood lead level was dangerously high. I had to change a lot of things. I shoot at an indoor range; I cut down on my competitions, I shoot less overall, and I try to be there at times where there aren't as many other shooters. I moved my brass tumbler from the basement to the garage, and I run it outside. I wear gloves when doing anything relating to reloading, and when cleaning a firearm.

Blood lead level seems to have reverted to normal after all the changes.
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