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G'day fellas'
Just to clarify..Ben is a previous poster I was answering, not my mate's name. Can't work out how to get 'quotes' up on my replies. My reply page seems to be missing a button or two. I'll have to message the Mods. The fact I'm not hugely computer lit doesn't help.

F/block, I'm with you on your observations. A lot of fellas I know if not drinking at a pub are putting away a few most nights in the 'castle'. For health reasons I can only do a rare rum or two these days. Oz-made Beenleigh rum is the BEST!

Aussies have gone off to fight others' wars since early times. It's not our argumentative streak so much as the small-nation-folks' need to prove how tough we are. And we mostly have I suppose. NZ has the same problem in spades. But it hurts. Our losses in the Great War were appalling. Some say it's bl**dy stupid. I'm not so sure. Sometimes is.

Your comment about the Navajo kind of proves the point. When the other guy suspects you're carrying, he's much more likely to be wary and mind his manners.

Your comments about good manners figures with what my mate says, especially about the kids. Invade Oz, will you? And sort out some of the lousy attitudes and behaviour of quite a lot of our kids if you can. We've been doing something wrong over here. Fairy parenting, and lefty teachers, I'd say. Too many kids' rights, too few obligations.

And if you don't feel like invading, just come for a holiday. It ain't no Africa but it isn't half as bad as just about anywhere else in the world. I'm sure you can get it all sorted if you're determined to hunt or shoot paper. No big probs. Advice given so far is excellent.
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