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If we were to visit again how would I hook up with shooting clubs and get permission to shoot
I can only give you info on the club im with, which is a 300-mtere range, and you are welcome there on any day of the week.
You are allowed a day past but @ $30 dollars honestly it’s a little on the expensive side being a member is the way to go @ $220 per year you can shoot every day if you want to.
They shoot shotgun pistol & black powder but there is a few heralds to jump before you become a member.
How is firearms transportation handled?
If talking about traveling to the range fire arm’s should be bagged and if possible left in the boot or covered from view at the range no uncovered fire arm in the car park until you are at your shooting bench and no handling of fire arm when people are forward
If you need go to the police station don’t leave the bolt in the gun, I have herd of people getting reamed by the cops for that.
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