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Your friend, Ben, must live in a "good" neighborhood. The areas where it is necessary to be careful about "dissing" others with a look are pretty bad areas. Much of this is gang mentality. If I were living there I would very much want to have firearms protection.

Some ethnic neighborhoods where African Americans, Chinese, Vietnamese, legal Latino residents, East Indians or such fall to that level and some do not. Greatly influenced by economics.

In other areas African Americans and other ethnic groups are part of the professionals and even Yuppies where there is a pretty livable culture. Well, actually some of us... A lot of us think Yuppies are insufferable with their materialism and conformity, but they get equal disdain regardless of race or ethnic background.

I work in an area with a heavy African American population and a significant portion of Xerox's professional / executive workforce is black. Your friend could come here and feel quite comfortable at the workplace or suburbs. They even have the leftist fear of firearms. I nearly gave one black sales manager a heart attack when I mentioned the web site "Black Man with a Gun".

Outside housing projects the local city governments may regulate tidiness to keep up neighborhood image, economic desirability and safety. In most areas of suburban California housing is developed in tracts of homes by a single company. The people who purchase these homes often must accept dictates of a Home Owners Association and they can get downright [email protected]@y about what color the house can be painted, how often, etc. Rural areas usually are more individualistic.

I agree about the Pommey heritage playing a larger part than the convict society. Likewise the fact that the United States came about due to conflict.

The former colonies that evolved without conflict into independent (sort of) countries seem to have retained the Brit mindset. That would be other than people like my wife who often makes comments about "Shtupid pommeys" (Aussie pronunciation) and "Worthless royals--ought to dump that lot".

The United States was a dumping ground for political dissidents more than convicts (except for Georgia) and that probably makes the difference. Our Bill of Rights (civil rights) come directly as a repudiation of British practices at the time or distrust of control from the top. Firearms ownership protection comes from both.
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