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I am in Canberra, (A.C.T)

Yup, the gun laws stink here too. It all came about in 1996, when some military guy went to Port Arthur in Tasmania, and shot and killed 33 (mostly Asian) tourists, wearing a blonde wig to resemble a bloke they decided to frame, called Martin Bryant. The wig was found floating off the jetty at Port Arthur, but was unfortunately LOST :barf: The whole thing stinks of conspiricy, if you do a google on "Martin Bryant" or "Port Arthur Massacre" you can read all about it. He (Martin Bryant) was actually on closed circuit tv at a gas station 65 Km away from Port Arthur when the shootings occured, (but that got lost too) and the person that did the shooting did all head and neck shots (Kill shots) there were 3 people injured. Martin Bryant had only ever owned a .175 slug (BB) air rifle. He did not have the skill to shoot anyone let alone 33 head and neck shots in a row. Whoever did it was a professional. Bryant proved that when he returned to the property near Port Arthur after being lured there by the police, and funnily enough, there was an AK47 and 250 rounds of ammo in the homestead. He was surrounded by Police and he fired 250 rounds at the police and their vehicles and didnt hit anything..... nothing. So, how could he have shot 33 dead, and only injure 3? Most civillian massacres would be 33 injured, 3 dead.... not the other way round. The purpose of the setup was to initiate the gun buy back in Australia, which has cost the country Millions of dollars, and has had no impact on gun crime (in fact gun crime had quadrupled).... you see, only law abiding citizens handed in their guns, the criminals must have forgotten to.
In England, they also set up a massacre (Dun Blayne) to get their buyback, it cost the poms 80 million POUNDS, and their handgun crime has increased 5 fold and is still increasing. Their criminals must have forgotten to hand theirs in too?
Guns in responsible hands are perfectly safe, guns in criminal hands will always be totally unsafe. A shame the sheeple cant distinguish between safe sporting shooters and criminals?! :barf:

I posted a thread the other day outlining our gun laws in canberra, you might like to read this too. It is in the general handgun forum, I called it "Handguns Down Under, an insight" from about 2 days ago

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