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I don't hunt with revolvers but I have shot some fairly large critters with my Service Revolver (4 in Model 28 S&W).

As a cop in Anchorage we got a lot of large animal calls. Bear and Moose at school bus stops, moose in yards, but mostly vehicle-moose encounters where the moose had to be put down.

When I hired on the issue ammo was 158 gr 38 RN cast and loaded by trustees. I decided that wasn't for me so I carried my own reloads, I used the 150 grn Hornady 358477 LSWC bullet in 357 Mag.

Later the Dept did start issuing then Winchester 125 gr HPs.

I shot a lot of moose in my carrier, I would shoot them in the neck where the spin enters the brain. The problem was the moose's neck if quite tuff. (Have to be to pack around that massive rack, and use it to bash other bulls while fighting over the ladies).

Penetration was needed. I tried the Dept. issue Win. 125 gr and it didn't work as well as the LSWC bullets.

I've long since retired but still use the Hornady bullet. I load it in my Smith 642 pocket revolver. I've finished off many of deer/antelope/elk with the little 38. Also had to put down a horse that was crippled when put through a fence by a mountain lion.

Even killed a Buffalo I had bought at auction for meat, but that was out of my old service revolver the Dept. gifted me when I retired.

This guy was charging my patrol car when I was trying to get him off the hi-way.

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