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Kisrt issues w/ Pietta 1858 Remington

I have a Pietta 1858 Remington with the Kirst 45 Long Colt conversion. I am having issues with the conversion and hope you might have some insight.

The 'K' plate with the shell door base needed to be filed slightly so it fit evenly in the frame. Initially the flat part of the plate had the cylinder binding. That's now corrected. However in the process I managed to break the flat spring on the 'hand' that's attached to the hammer that advances the cylinder. I pulled too hard on the trigger while it was binding and that broke the spring on the Hand as well as possible other damage.

I ordered the replacement part (All this through Taylors) and it's a match. Upon reassembly of just the trigger mechanism and hammer it cocks and releases normally when the trigger is pulled.

However, when I install the cylinder it only cocks halfway, does not lock until I move the cylinder a little and the locking lug at the bottom of the frame engages the notch in the cylinder keeping it in place. Then the hammer goes back all the way and locks. It's aligned with the chamber and barrel and when trigger pulled the hammer falls BUT the bottom lug releases at the same time causing the cylinder to move slightly.

With the 'K' plate off I and just the cylinder installed I can see the Hand advancing the cylinder in the notch but it still binds slightly and I have to slightly move it with my hand while putting pressure on the trigger and moving the hammer with my thumb. Then it will advance and lock into place.

I installed the original black powder cylinder to see if the same thing happened and it does.

I'm not sure if the Hand needs to be bent slightly or if the lug that locks it into place is messed up. Really concerned about the lug dropping when I pull the trigger. That's only supposed to happen I cock it. There is also a little drag mark on the cylinder from the locking lug. I adjusted the tension spring screw under the trigger to see if it was too tight. Regardless of how loose or tight the spring is the same result as described remains.

I fear I may have messed up that lug piece or something. For the record the action and cylinder worked fine out of the box.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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