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Own many shotguns. While I do not shoot skeet/ trap anymore, I do a lot of deer hunting/turkey hunting. Many trips into rough terrain. I use to carry a Benelli Ultra Light, but talked to a few friends at the hunt club that have had them for years that were carrying the Stoeger OU 20" with chokes. They swore by them and I bought one and never looked back. Have shot a lot of buckshot in the past couple of years. I mean a lot! Also a lot of turkey loads, slugs and mini shells.
Design is based on the Beretta. No where near as fancy or the smooth polished metals but one heck of a Utilitarian shotgun. Tough Bird and has been totally reliable from day one. Love the fact that I can have a 20" threaded for chokes.
I have a few friends that shoot the heck out of the OU tactical, I see them almost every weekend. They love the gun. Dollar for dollar a great buy. I am totally happy.
You can spend 2 grand to 10 grand on one if you prefer. Just not see the need to spend that much money unless you are really into skeet competition etc. Each to his own. Like any OU just keep the gun clean.

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