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Taurus Disappointment

I'm still astonished that my Taurus judge mechanically failed to fire the very First time I shot it. Most of us have been raised with the belief that revolvers are highly reliable. What if this gun failed while I was protecting my, or my families, life. It's Just inexcusable. But, my disappointment only begins here.

I sent the gun back to Taurus, via Murphey's guns(Tucson,AZ), and it was allegedly repaired and sent back. This took nearly Two months. When I picked up the supposedly repaired gun, to my dismay, it was filthy dirty. I don't know if that is standard customer service practice for a gun manufacturer/repair facility to ship a dirty gun back to the customer.

After receiving the, allegedly repaired, gun I fired 2 rounds through it before it jammed and failed again. Wow, Two gun failures in Two separate attempts. Even after it was supposedly fixed, in writing, the First time.

I sent a letter to Taurus and it was answered 2 weeks later where they agreed to give me a refund as soon as I sent them the gun for inspection. They arranged, and took, possession of the gun in less than 18 hours...across the country. They stated I would get a refund in 10 days after taking receipt of the gun. More than 30 days has gone by since I First contacted them and I still have no refund, or no gun. They wasted no time in getting, what I believe, was a defective gun back in their possession(less than a day). But, satisfying their agreement and promise of a refund seems to be taking weeks.
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