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I'm not sure this thread is going anywhere .... but in my opinion, the Dillon 650 is a little better loader than the Hornady LNL .......but everybody should buy what they think is the best machine that meets their needs. For me that was a Dillon 650 with a case feeder....

I don't know why this turns into a cost contest - a few hundred bucks over the life of a loader is petty cash.

I currently load 7 handgun calibers / and changing over between calibers isn't a speed contest. Its a chance to clean and lube the loader / check everything. When I load one caliber, I usually run a case of bullets at least ( so between 2,000 and 3,500 bullets ) or 50 - 75 boxes. So how long it takes to break the press down, check everything, isn't an issue.

I only have one metallic loader / don't see a reason for more. For what its worth, I'd buy the Dillon 650 with the case feeder again ( mine is about 5 yrs old I think ). When I got back into metallic loading - I was able to test Hornady, RCBS and Dillon. I don't think any of them are bad machines / but to me, the deal breaker, is buy one with a "powder check" die on it. I'm not saying you can't load good ammo without it / but since I have grandkids starting to do some loading ....a little extra safety isn't a bad thing.
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