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Actually tuttle 8 as a moderator you really should read prior to making comments - no disrespect intended.

Here is what I told him in my first post in this thread.

With the budget you have then I probably would say the Hornady, I like it a little better than the 550.

However if you want to say I am dead wrong with that statement I'm cool with it.

My main reason I hung onto this thread was that I like both and it always is Dillon that takes it on the chin from the red people.

So now we go back to the bullets. Hey I liked my free bullets but they are all in the berm now, so they are gone. I certainly would NEVER, NEVER by anything based on a free expendable give away. I just don't buy that way though I love to sell that way anytime I can find a sucker. It moves my product pretty fast.

So what we have is one person that has both a Hornady and a Dillon (650) her favors the 650 after personal use and recommends the Hornady over the 550b. But I'm bleeding blue and well I'm use to Shoney because of age and experience he knows better or at least that is what he tells me. However i do like him and except for his anti Dillon chatter he does give some good information. I didn't expect a moderator to get as one sides though.
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