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Your solid red what can I say. It is simply the W-System makes the Dillon650 better than the Hornady. I guess only your measurements the way you want to do them and write about every day are the only correct ones.
However you did quote me correctly that must hurt to say the Dillon can out perform the Hornady.
Now I was waiting for the extra cost BS. How has not added something or went the extra mile to make better ammo. It isn't a price issue! It is the quality and if you are saying a stock Hornady is all that you need that I know you are wrong and blind to the color red.
How much clearer can the OP and I make this? The 650 is out of the budget described. Even if so, you're adding more parts to it to make it better. Hint, more money. You're statements are invalid. You might as well say the Honda Civic is faster than a Corvette. This may be true....after spending extra money on it to claim so called "bragging rights".

Reread the OP and start comparing apples to apples. One may be bleeding Red from a paper cut, but you're gushing Blue from an Aortal artery...
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