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Your solid red what can I say. It is simply the W-System makes the Dillon650 better than the Hornady. I guess only your measurements the way you want to do them and write about every day are the only correct ones.

However you did quote me correctly that must hurt to say the Dillon can out perform the Hornady.

Now I was waiting for the extra cost BS. How has not added something or went the extra mile to make better ammo. It isn't a price issue! It is the quality and if you are saying a stock Hornady is all that you need that I know you are wrong and blind to the color red.

Even the Red can be made a better loader. My beef with the Red press is they took too many short cuts and skipped over the extras that would make the Hornady a great press.

So I will say it even though I own it. Hornady is sold by price abd incentives because people know which machine is better. Those are the only two selling facts for the Hornady. I should know I own and use both. However this stategy does sell the Hornady and some who are not aware of the short cuts call in value for the dollar. If they really wanted that then the Lee would have been the first choice.
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