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For a number of years I have ran the two side by side. I quickly realized that I liked Dillon better, but the thought of getting the second one seemed somewhat extravagant at the time. But then one day I bit the bullet and bought that second Dillon... sold the Hornady and... used the money to buy the third Dillon... then the forth...
In the early days, I loaded some pistol with a single stage RCBS. Wasn't long before I got the Dillon 550B (15 years ago). I've never looked back. Doesn't look like it's going to wear out. Parts are replaced quickly with a phone call under warranty.

I too, went to the roller handle to make things easier.

I also went to the added expense of having separate, quick changing, tool heads for each caliber complete with powder measure and dies all adjusted and ready to go.

I took a tip from Brian Enos and started lubing all my cases with Hornady One Shot. Non greasy, you don't have to wipe it off, and makes loading so much easier--even with Carbide dies.

If you want a true professional's evaluation of different loading machines:

For Dillon loading equipment:

For non Dillon loading equipment
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