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If you load a lot, then one feature that will stop this argument is the Dillon's roller handle! After it all those balls look and feel silly.

Seriously though, one really can't assess the two systems without having used both for a while. The promo material is nice, but nothing beats long term experience.

For a number of years I have ran the two side by side. I quickly realized that I liked Dillon better, but the thought of getting the second one seemed somewhat extravagant at the time. But then one day I bit the bullet and bought that second Dillon... sold the Hornady and... used the money to buy the third Dillon... then the forth...

Sufficient to say I have never missed the Hornady.

But let the argument go on... it will never stop. You can definitely load and be happy with either one of the big three - I would not consider Lee a worthy long term alternative... I had three of them at one point... indeed cheap junk.
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