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If you're just loading and shooting, and not leaving your rifle loaded for any length of time, your own saliva is the best patch lube going (IMO). When I match shoot, and it's usually a 5 shot concern, I use saliva on my pre-cut r.b. patches. And after a string of shots, I have pre-cut white flannel cleaning patches that I moisten with saliva and run that through the bore, making sure I reach all the way to the breech plug face. This has worked very well for me in my match shooting and plinking for the past 45 years. 2fg standard GOEX has been my one and only preferred propellant in all of my M.L.s. To go along with this, all of my M.L.s have quality barrels on them, and that really aids in the loading procedure and number shots between having to run a fouling patch through the bore.

As I've never used it, I can only imagine Pyrodex has to foul somewhat as BP, and I can only guess that a saliva r.b. patch could work just as well using Pyrodex, if just loading and shooting. Saliva on a fouling patch, too? Anyone comment on the saliva/lube/fouling comparison (BP and Pyro)?
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