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The reason Jeff Cooper liked 2" high at 100 or the 200-yard zero was to figure some allowance for limits to the shooter's holding ability. That approach gave half the kill zone diameter away to human error (he used an 8" kill zone, coming from a combat perspective). If you are on a bench, that's different from most field positions, so you want to make allowance for that. The light bullets shoot faster and flatter at the sorts of ranges mentioned here, but carry less impact energy and momentum to the target as well as suffering greater wind deflection. So the tradeoff is you get a longer point-blank range in still air, but you have to hit more precisely and read wind a little more accurately to get an equally solid kill. It's not going to be an issue with White Tails, but larger game needs to have that given some consideration.

Not mentioned thus far is that everyone is assuming a sightline 1.5" above the bore line. Change that and the drops change.
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