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ok so I do have some experience with a 300 win mag. Over the last year I have developed a load using the 200 grain Hornady E-LDX and Alliant Reloder 26, using Hornady brass and CCI 250 primers.

I wont list my load data here and I have a bit of a fast barrel. I am able to Push that bullet at 3050 FPS at the muzzle with 1 MOA accuracy. However you may not be able to get that kind of velocity with that heavy of a bullet. With the same powder I have another load that shoots 2950 FPS. Either way, I think it is reasonable that with a 26 inch barrel you should be able to get around 2950 FPS, (maybe). If you can do that Safely then your trajectory should look something like this.

100yds- +3.75"
200yds- + 4.25"
300yds- 0"
400yds- -10" carrying over 2400 Ft LBS of energy.

On a deer sized animal out to 350 yds I would hold center mass, and at the top of their back at 400 yds. Recoil begins to get pretty intense when pushing that 200 grain pill at that velocity. Much more than with factory ammunition. Also your rifle may not even be able to achieve those velocities.

270 WSM might be worth a look. I Use Winchester brass, H-1000 and a 130 grain Sierra Gameking. I get a stunningly consistent 3300 FPS from that rifle (SD only 5 fps) I sight that rifle 3" high at 100 yds and I am just 8.5 inches low at 400 yds with a 300 yd zero. This load and bullet has a maximum point blank range of 358 yards assuming a target size of 8". The benefit of the 270 WSM is less recoil, and easier to find powder than Reloder 26. The only draw back to the 270 WSM is that it carries around 700 Ft LBS less energy at 400 yds than the 300 with the 200 grain E-LDX.
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