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You automatic pistol people are overlooking history. I am surprised at you automatic handgun fanboys ignoring the facts about WWI. At the end of the war all 1911's were withdrawn from service. The 1917's revolvers became the workhorse handgun of the US Army. This US military use continued until the 1917 Smith was replaced with a K Frame Smith in 38 Long Colt caliber. The caliber selection was made to use up the supply of recently discovered 38 Colt cartridges going back to the Philippine Insurrection.

The 1911 was not successful and production was discontinued sometime in mid-1920's. The 1911 was not used mainly due to complex mechanism and general difficulty maintaining fragile Colt automatic handguns. Automatic parts had to be hand fitted etc.

The 1911's inventor no longer designed firearms. The 1911 totally failed as a competition gun of any sort. All this is common knowledge. History has spoken. This gun, the 1911, was a shameful footnote in history. The WWI era revolvers became so successful that dozens domestic and foreign makers made knock-offs to the present day.
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