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There is a flaw in the original question: which specific DA revolver are we comparing to a 1911? I've personally had S&W, Colt, Ruger, Taurus, H&R, and Webley revolvers and they wall worked slightly differently and had different numbers of moving parts.

Even if we had a specific model in mind, however, the notion that a count of moving parts (or by extension complexity of design) is a good predictor of reliability is fundamentally flawed. A flintlock is much simpler and has far fewer moving parts than either a DA revolver or 1911, but few would argue that a Brown Bess is more reliable. My 2002 Ford Crown Victoria is far more complicated and has many more moving parts than my Grandfather's 1924 Ford Model T, but few would say that the old Tin Lizzie is more dependable.
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