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That's got to do with whether the hunter's eyes are still open when the trigger breaks.

Wyosmith said it beautifully.Its the hole that kills.

This whole thing of isolating the cartridge or the rifle or energy isn't a broad enough look.

The whole package includes the shooter. It starts with the shooter.
IME, The shooter is ALWAYS the weakest link, because it is the biggest variable: a shooter, no matter how good, can get tired, or lazy, or distracted ...... and skills are the most perishable of factors involved- the rifle and load will be pretty predictable, year to year ...... even over decades ...... game animals are built pretty much the same as ever ...... in my own experience, my skills (and stamina!) are not what they have been in the past, because I don't spend near the time that I once did ...... kids will do that to a guy .....
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