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A M69 subby?,
Yes sir...have wanted one since an article in a gun rag decades ago. They reviewed two different S&W M29's that had been chopped down to a 2" barrel, the frame cut down, ported and one had the trigger guard Fitzed.
They ran a whole bunch of different loads through them & came away with the surprising results that they were accurate, manageable and not bad recoiling at all - even with full boogie loads.

I have the utmost unwavering belief in my abilities with the D/A S&W revolver.
While I don't prefer the L frame - and/or any round butt S&W, I'll still rely on that before anything else.

Maybe you would be better served - - but - let me assure you, I'm not comfortable enough with the extremely accurate Kimber to say, "If I can see it, I can hit it".
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