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Originally Posted by Hal View Post
I thought about this thread in the last few days.....

I have a Kimber 1911 stainless - which works and shoots as any Kimber should be expected to (well and very accurate).
Recently, a "need" developed....
A tenant in one of our rentals contacted us from the hospital.
She told us that - she had to move out ASAP - her boyfriend had beat her half to death and he was stalking her.

Good chance he was going to show up and cause a lot of trouble for all concerned when we met her for the walk through & to collect the keys.

I/we never really met the guy, but, from her description he's big - real big - and can be really mean....& possibly armed...

The .45acp Shield, 9mm SIG 938 & Ruger LCP - all of a sudden felt - inadequate...
Having no holster for the Kimber - I decided to run out and pick one up.

While at the gun store, I was admiring a nice old S&W M28 they had. The sales guy mentioned it would make a great gun to go along with me on the walk through.

I told him, "Maybe, but, I'd feel a lot better with one of those S&W M69 snub noses"...

He pointed to a far counter and told me go over there for that!!!

Soooooo---early Christmas present for me & my personal answer to this thread & the whole issue of reliability...

I consider a 240 grain JHP @ roughly 1100 fps - out of a platform I have complete confidence in (D/a S&W revolver) to be the most reliable thing - - I can take into harm's way....

Sometimes - there's just more to the question of something than what meets the eye.
A M69 subby?, you would probably better served with the Kimber with +P ammo or even 45 Super, 44 mag loses a lot out of a snubby, unless you "roll your own" with fast burning powder and even then you would still be better served with the Kimber 1911 in 45 ACP +P and/or 45 Super there Hal.
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