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Just because some people cant shoot a 340 Wby doesnt mean everyone cant.
Ackley, the man who believed every cartride should go at least 200 fps faster, is mentioned in your reference against velocity??????? Irony at its best.
Reynolds357....I've never seen you shoot a 340 Weatherby, therefore I have no good reason to have an opinion as to whether you can shoot one well,or not.

I will happily give you the benefit of the doubt. If you say so,you are the rare and special shooter who never squints while shooting his 340 Weatherby. My hat is off to you. You are special.

But the vast majority of hunters and shooters have a point where the intensity of shooting a rifle makes them an inconsistent,and sometimes lousy shot.

I advocate for using ENOUGH gun,but more is not necessarily better.I advocate for knowing your ballistics,knowing what range your velocity drops below 2000 fps or whatever speed your bullet performs.
I advocate for selecting a bullet that is designed for what you are trying to do.

I have no doubt that a 308 loaded with a 165 gr Ballistic tip ,shot placed through the ribs just behind the foreleg will cleanly kill an elk.out to 300 yds.

Of course there are exceptions,but for the vast majority of shooters who have reasonable skills and some practice, shot placement out to 300 yds is a reasonable expectation with a 308 class rifle .

Hand that same shooter a 300 win mag or more,he hears footsteps .He cringes and flinches sometimes. Which means he throws a bad shot sometimes. And sometimes that's just a miss,sometimes its a mess.

Of course,I concede,reynolds 357,thats not you. You are special.

But I'm among the rest of us mere mortals who prefer a milder rifle,and I believe a milder rifle can produce a higher percentage of clean kills due to a higher percentage of well placed shots.

Your comment on Mr Ackley? You have a misconception on my attitude toward velocity.. My 257 is an AI. My load these days is a 115 at about 3050.

Not much different than little brother to a 270.,a classic,effective mild shooting hunting rifle.

In many instances,the AI was applied to cartridges with excessive case taper and sloped shoulders. Sure,there was velocity gain,but that's not the only point of the AI.

You and I also see overbore differently. I never felt I needed more case capacity n a 7 mm Rem Mag.None of the published loads,IIRC,passed 90% case fill.

I actually think the 7x61 Sharps and Hart was a better 7mm magnum design.

I prefer 160 gr + in a 7mm,and I prefer to not shove the bullet down into the boiler room. I long seat them.

Which is why,in my opinion,cartridges like the 7mm STW may have their fans,but I prefer a more balanced cartridge.
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