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In the 80’s I did some business related hosting for deer hunting in South Texas. Sometimes I knew who’d be on my Jeep and sometimes I got to decide who’d be on the Jeep. But sometimes I’d have a rider that I didn’t know. Without being too obvious, I’d have a look at them and their gear and rifle. You could usually spot the old hands and the newbies with the shiny new rifles. And it mattered, since I’d be doing the tracking. If I saw a newbie with a magnum (also new), I worried.

And I did know a guy that bought a 340 Weatherby to hunt something. I forget what. Some time later, he was on my Jeep. I asked how he liked the 340, which he didn’t have with him. He said he sold it. Only shot it 4 times - 3 at the range and once at the animal. Said that was enough, and he was a good hunter.

As for previous comments, HiBC said it all very well.
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