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In one of the volumes of P.O Ackley's "Handbook for Shooters" is an article by a respected big game outfitter.
I have a good friend who worked as a big game guide in the Rawah Wilderness area of Northern Colorado.

They both said the same thing.Odds are.if the hunter shows up with a 30-06,a 270,etc,the shooting part will work out fine.

Its the guy with the 340 Weatherby that makes them nervous.

That's got to do with whether the hunter's eyes are still open when the trigger breaks.

Wyosmith said it beautifully.Its the hole that kills.

This whole thing of isolating the cartridge or the rifle or energy isn't a broad enough look.

The whole package includes the shooter. It starts with the shooter.

The guy shooting the 340 Weatherby might believe he is the "man of steel" and recoil does not bother him. He NEVER flinches,and can always place his shot.
Maybe so. If so,he is exceptional.

But I'm of the opinion the vast majority of big game hunters have a limit to how much rifle they can shoot well. For most,thats about up to,and including the 30-06.

Many find the 7-08,260,etc works even better for them.

If you can rest over a log and comfortably hit a clay pigeon at whatever range,200,maybe 300 yds,tou can place your shot. Right there!

If you understand the anatomy of your animal,you can shoot for a particular organ.

If you can accomplish that,it just does not matter much if the heart or the lungs are destroyed by a 45-70 from a rolling block or a 250 Savage from a Savage 99 or a 150 gr bullet from Grandpa's thirty thirty.

Old timers ate a lot of venison killed by 25-20's and 32-20's.

A lead round ball at about 1900 fps still works.

I do believe in using enough gun. I don't condone moose hunting with a 223.

But a mere mortal who can shoot his or her 308 or 7-08 can cleanly,humanely take a 200 yd elk,no problem. Dead is dead.

There is a lot to be said for the shot placement confidence of shooting a milder cartridge.

You can certainly hunt deer with a 375 H+H,or a 340 Weatherby. Whatever works for you. I'm not worried about it.

You can use your 257 Weatherby on pronghorns,no problem. But a 257 Roberts will cleanly kill pronghorn at 300+ yds,no problem.
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