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Originally Posted by hounddawg View Post
Good question, it won't show for me now either. That data in post 19 was cut and paste. I thought I may have confused it with dasher or other 6mm data but dasher is way higher and nothing else matches. I have no idea why it shows sometimes and then does not. I am starting to really mistrust the Hogdon load data now. I am dropping down to 27.0 - 28.0 and if the problem goes away I will never use the Hogdon load data site again. I just placed an order for a Berger load manual, something I should have done long ago
Hodgdon shows 29gr for 6BRM with 107 gr bullet. By their data, you are definitely good. That load was maxed due to cimpression, not pressure. So, in the Norma 29 would be light. My Berger manual is at my office. I will let you know what it says tomorrow. I honestly think virgon brass will cure your problem. Seen it happen too many times. If it dies cure your priblem, the next step is where it gets aggravating.

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