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I use Wildgame and Moultrie.
I like the Moultrie best due to the trigger time, and they have a 3 picture setting. Aka, when tripped they take a series of 3 pictures, not just the one.
Sometimes with just one picture you get a nose, or a tail. No full detail of what is actually there, or what it's doing.
I've tried the video on them. And stopped using it. Insects can and do trigger the camera. Nothing like 60 videos of moths flying.
Also eats up batteries.
On video batteries last about 2 weeks. Pictures i'm getting 18 months.
Best batteries i've found are the Dollar General alkaline.

No matter what camera you get, i'd recommend getting a cage for the camera. Especially in high risk areas.
Lagbolt or screws to hold the cage in place, lock cable to secure closed.
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