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Until recently, I followed Elmer Keith logic. (Which was cirrect at his time) Heavy bullet pushed extremely fast is the best way to quickly kill.
Won't disagree with that, but most shooters can't shoot rifles that meet those criteria accurately. Otherwise, everybody would hunt with a 460 Weatherby. Also, velocity increases the kinetic energy numbers much faster than results in killing power change. So realistically, a middle weight bullet with middle velocity kills well enough for most people and allows them to shoot relatively well without hours and hours at the range (think 30-06 over 340 Weatherby). And then try to translate the 4,000+ ft-lbs of energy from the 340 Weatherby into killing better than the 30-06's 3,000 ft-lbs. And Partitions vs TTSXs. And 2 year-old doe vs 4 year old buck. There are so many variables in the whole argument of speed vs weight that it is hard for most people to make any sense of it all.

My take on this whole argument is that bullet weight gives penetration, velocity gives you a flatter trajectory. Anything else depends on what you are shooting at and where you hit it.
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