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Originally Posted by reynolds357 View Post
I can put a 7-08 through a shoulder into the heart and make a quick kill. I have done that. I prefer the double lung so there is no meat damage. From my observations, it takes a lot of shock for a quick kill with the double lung shot. The 7-08 double lung leaves an arrow type wound. Sealed over entry hole. Quarter sized exit hole. Shock damage limited to about size of half dollar. 7 Rum on double lung leaves quarter size entrance hole, silver follar sized exit hole, and both lungs pure jello.
I can say with confidence, using any of the bullets I've used, (Core Lokts, Ballistic Tips, Accubonds, SSTs, Interlocks, Game Kings, Hot Cor, Pro Hunters, etc...) the 7-08 can produce that jello effect out to at least 250 yds. Does it every single time? Maybe not. But it certainly does more times than it doesn't.

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