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I’d happily hunt with a 257 AI and 115 gr Ballistic Tips. That’s almost the same In ballistics as my 260 and 120 gr Ballistic Tips. I push it at approx 2800 and it is very effective. It’s been years since I used my 270 and the 130 gr BTs at 3000 FPS. It took me many years to realize that I didn’t need as much gun as I had been using. That said, the 270 was soooo very effective.

I was in a gun shop in Hico, Texas a few days ago, and in a rack I saw an old battered Ruger 77 Ultralight. Before I picked it up I had already decided to buy it IF it was in 257 Roberts. But, it was in 223. It almost stuck to my hand anyway.

It was a great gun shop. Best I’ve seen in decades.
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