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The specifications on the K-10 that I have are:
made between 1950-1984
10 power
3-5 inch eye relief
12 foot field of view at 100 yards
1 inch tube
eye piece diameter 1.445 inch
front end diameter 1.550
length 15 and 7 sixteenths inches
weight 14 ounces
type of adjustment 1 quarter inch click
The type of cross hairs that came with it are conventional cross hairs, cross hairs with a center dot, and a range finder cross hairs with two horizontal hairs that cover 6 inches between hairs at 100 yards. I don't see anything specifically about what the F on your scope stands for.
All this information comes from the book Old Gunsights and Rifle Scopes Identification and Price Guide. It lists your scope value at $150-$250 but, like anything, the prices are subject to what its worth to the buyer.

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