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Fine cross hairs, perhaps?

Had a Weaver K8 (8x) back in the 70s which had "fine" crosshairs but no longer remember if there was an "F" in the designation, or not.

I'm still a fan of the 1.5, 2.5, 3x and even 4x scopes with the POST and crosswire reticle, and still have some on some of my deer rifles.

The old stuff is not up to the optical quality of modern stuff, but then neither are my eyes anymore, so ...Weavers (including ones marked JC Higgins) have been doing a good job for me for well over 50 years and they show no signs of quitting now,

Look at the markings on the adjustment knobs, a lot of the old scopes, especially lower powered ones have 1/4" adjustments not 1/8" high power scopes were more target oriented and often had the finer adjustments.
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