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If the FBI does not run a fingerprint check, what is the FBI's role in the ATF's issuing a proceed?
FBI NICS is who ATF NFA Branch contacts for the background check. ATF does not issue the "proceed"......the FBI NICS does. ATF only makes the call/online check.

I.e., how can the FBI hold up a person's Form 4 application for a suppressor?
Because the FBI NICS is the one who does the background check. If the background check is not an immediate proceed, it's because the name requires further review by a NICS Document Examiner due to multiple record returns.

And why would the ATF even want an applicant's fingerprints? ATF does not have a giant database of criminals' fingerprints to check against the applicant's prints---do they?
ATF requires it because federal law requires it. Blame your relatives who voted in the 1930's.

Does the ATF just keep applicants' hard copy fingerprints on file without checking for a criminal record?
Yes they keep the FP cards on file. And again, all ATF does is call the FBI NICS for your background check. ATF does not perform the actual records check themselves.
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