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Originally Posted by bedbugbilly View Post
I have a number of Uberti SA revolvers - all great guns. One of my favorite is the 7 1/2" Cattleman in 45 Colt. I use the traditional Lyman/Ideal 454-190 RNFP over Red Dot and it is deadly accurate. My first shot at 59 yards with it was dead center in the bull - beginner's luck! I love shooting mine and have loaded both 45 Colt as well as 45 Schofield for it. Your son will love his birthday gift - but you BOTH need one! :-)
Well, it’s rare that I go shoot without one or both of I get to use their Ruger 556, Henry lever, S&W 686/7...and now the Uberti...

The ‘other’ wants a Glock 20 for his birthday in June....probably, even tho he has a G45...

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