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I think some of it boils down to indoctrination. I grew up during the heyday of the television westerns (The Lone ranger, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Lash LaRue, Maverick, Gunsmoke, Lawman, Cheyenne, Sugarfoot, The Rebel, Colt .45, etc.), and all the John Wayne cowboy movies. For a kid in those days, there were only two handguns: the Colt .45 six shooter for cowboy stuff, and the Colt .45 (even if it was a Remington Rand, but we didn't know that then) "automatic" if you wanted to win WW2 single-handed like John Wayne in The Fighting Seabees.

I was fully indoctrinated and brainwashed. I carry 1911s even today, and I have a weakness for SAA clones. I actually own a Blackhawk, but it's just a gun, it's not "real."
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